The History of Colin's Jeans Brand

The history of made to measure jeans by Colin's started in 1983 when a Turkish businessman Nurettin Eroglu and his four brothers established a small garment manufacture called "Eroglu Holding". Originally the factory produced coats and down jackets, but in 1986 the first jeans were manufactured there. That year the trademark "Kulis" was introduced. The production grew and by 1992 the company manufactured 1500 pairs of jeans a day. The brand was that year renamed and called "Colin's Jeans". The first sewing factory occupying a space of 10.000 square kilometers was opened.

In 1993 the company begins to export its jeans abroad. Today Colin's Jeans are sold in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle East.

Colin's Jeans brand has chosen the right marketing strategy from the start. Unlike other Turkish manufacturers of denim, Colin's Jeans brand did not try to copy jeans models produced by world established companies. Instead of this the brand made inexpensive clothes of good quality and advertised for its own trademark. This policy contributed to the success of the brand all over the world.

By the end of the 1990s Colin's Jeans already had 11 shops in Turkey and 6 shops abroad. The brand also introduced a new more expensive denim line called "Loft". In 1997 Central Office and trading center Marka & Marka in Istanbul were opened. According to the conception Marka & Marka Eroglu started production for the leading world manufacturers of custom tailored jeans: Levi's, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Next, Polo, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Lee Cooper, Matalan and Liz Clairbone. In 1998 a factory occupying a space of 35.000 square kilometers was opened, followed by the largest denim clothes manufacturing factory in Europe opened in 2003 and occupying a space of 45.000 square kilometers, capable of producing 17 million of clothes pieces a year. In 2005 Eroglu Company Group bought one of the biggest jeans brands in Europe "Big Star", fortifying its positions on the world markets.

Today the company is represented in 33 countries and has more than 24.000 employees. Brand produces men The's, women's and children's clothes and each season 's Introduces more than 2000 models of customized jeans for the new collection, Following the latest trends of the fashion world. Colin's represents an entire production cycle, including draft designing of jeans models, construction, curve gradation, sewing of clothes pieces, packing and delivery of ready goods to the customers. The most progressive technologies of processing and dye are used in Colin's Jeans manufactory.

The product range includes jeans, denim jackets, shirts, skirts, waistcoats, dresses, shorts, overalls, as well as cotton and knitted wear like tops, T-shirts, sweaters, smocks. Colin's also continues to manufacture outer garments, coats and jackets. Clothes for children and various accessories also belong to the product palette of the company.

The brand now has 300 shops in Turkey and more than 1000 abroad, thus becoming a rightful competitor of the leading world denim brands.

A Brief History on the Checkered Pattern

It is hard to believe that anyone could possibly be unfamiliar with the checkered pattern. It is commonly known as the checks for example, the black and white graphic that resembles a checkerboard. There are many items around us that we find like this. For instance a pianoforte, adjacent to a piano bench or piano benches along with a music sheet cabinet displays this pattern in its keys.

Whether they are the articles of clothing such as; footwear, handbags or other smaller accessories such as wrist bands wallets etc., a checkered pattern is not hard to find. It has dominated the fashion scene since the last three decades. Moreover, it has also been popularly adopted by different kinds of music. Besides, you will find an everlasting presence of this pattern in different forms of art, literature and other items found in popular cultures.

This pattern left a deep impression in the late 1970's when a music genre arose from England. This form of music was basically a blend of punk, ska and pop music. The blend was famously known as '2 Tone'. This was the term that was coined by a musician by the name of Jerry Dammers. It was Dammers who established the checkered pattern image as a representation for the 2 tone movement. This was known as the Walt Jabsco logo.

Apart from this, the black and white checkered pattern perfectly symbolized racial unity and equality. With the advent of 1980's, a new fashion overtook the decade, in which checks were fit in with bold graphics and bright colors. This time it spread wide across to decorate everything from skateboards to socks and suspenders.

In the late 80's and early 90's, the checkered pattern was replaced by the bold graphic prints. However, it was just a matter of time when popular bands such as "No Doubt" brought music back into the new millennium. So the checks became a talk of the town once again.

This is not all, as the musicians of the new millennium, such as Avril Lavigne, are responsible for bringing the checkered fashion back into the mainstream. Their fashion line boasts a checkered print through shorts, hoodies, ties and shirts. Moreover, a retail franchise, Hot Topic, sells several checkered items including earrings, sunglasses, etc.

Talking about the art world, you will find that checkered images are associated with the works of graphic artist MC Escher. He was the one who illustrated checkered pieces in his work. One of his famous work of art is Day and Night. Furthermore, even literature is not spared from this checkered design. It has symbolized Lewis Carrol's most popular book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in which chess pieces have played a central role in the story.

You can also find this pattern in popular cultures. For instance, New York City cabs have the checkered patterns and not to forget the race car flags are also checkered. This pattern still remains to be an important trend of our lives which seems hard to forgo.

3 Tips To Stay Up To Date With the Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion trends constantly change and can be difficult and time-consuming to follow. Each season, a new color or style will become the must-have look. Luckily there are several ways to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends, including:

Read the fashion magazines on a regular basis

Lifestyle and fashion magazines offer a perfect opportunity to get the latest news on what is taking place in the fashion world. Magazines keep up-to-date with the latest seasonal hits to ensure you are always mindful of the most popular styles. Whether you are reading the fashion magazine or lifestyle magazine with a dedicated fashion section, you will have a simple, yet effective option to see the latest and upcoming fashion options. Also, these magazines often highlight the best fashion stores or brands to make sure you are able to get the best prices in the market.

Visit the local retail and department stores

A further great option for checking out the latest fashions is visiting the local retail and department stores to see what is on display. A favorite high street store is certain to highlight the latest and upcoming fashions for the current season. For instance, many of the large stores start to advertise the clothing lines for the spring and summer well before the season starts to arrive. This makes it possible to get prepared for the warmer weather and save up enough money to buy the seasonal clothes. Also, by visiting in store, it is possible to try on a variety of clothing lines in different colors and styles. This gives the option to try garments that you do not often wear and appreciate the feel and fit of these unique articles of clothing.

Go online and search the fashion websites

The internet offer endless opportunities to enjoy the latest fashion designs and styles. Many of the major retailers, style experts, and designers have well established web sites highlighting the latest fashion trends. If you have a preferred fashion label, you can always search for their fashion blog to get information on the upcoming and current clothing lines. Favorite designers like Gucci, Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren have sites dedicated to highlighting their take on the latest styles in the industry. You can easily visiting a varied mixture of website and blogs to get a complete idea of ​​what styles are most relevant for the present season and what may be available in the future.

Importance of T-Shirt Designing in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has accepted T-shirts designing as important and it has gained popularity and growth since a couple of years ago as compared to other clothing styles. The trend in wearing tees will be changing fast because people want to wear something which is different and unique. This is the reason why they have shifted their focus from wearing conventional clothes to designer t-shirts. They find it quite exciting to display their feelings on personalities on T shirts. With the advancements in technology; this has become possible and faster process to come up with unique designs and creativity for t-shirts. People are given option to design their own t-shirts and get what they want. T-shirts have become popular among people of almost every age including young, old, children, men and women.

Many good and skilled designers have bright chances to make presence in fashion industry and grab the opportunities to explore fashion industry. T-shirts designing can be one of the platform as graphic designers are able to design the t-shirts of various styles such as pet shop, hip-hop and sports t-shirts. There are numerous websites which are providing facilities to people to design Tees online and submit their designs to some of brand companies. This opportunity can be beneficial for those who want to make place in fashion industry for t-shirt designing. T-shirt designing has opened the doors for many aspirants as this has emerged as new and growing segment in the fashion industry for recent years.

You have wider spectrum opened in front of you as people are considering various options for fashion and styles. With some nice designs and creativity; you will be able to get good customers for your clothing styles. There are number of companies which are giving chances to new people as graphic designers for t-shirts. People have preferred t-shirts because of their comfort and styles and they consider it cool to design their own t-shirts. You can get in touch with people to invite their ideas and opinions for t-shirt designing. T-shirt designing is considered as money making profession in fashion industry because of its popularity and growth.

T-shirts designing requires constant efforts and innovative ideas so that designers are able to give people what they want. If you want to earn more in fashion industry; you have to work towards customer's satisfaction and you can achieve this only if you have given what they want.

It is highly recommended to do a market research so that t-shirts can be made more impressive than ever. You can invite people to take part in the contest and get their feedbacks so that you get the suggestions directly from your buyers. T-shirt designing will be gaining more popularity as people now prefer tees as clothing options and looking for something which is completely stylish and display their thoughts. Fashion industry has accepted t-shirt designing to great extent and this is the reason why people are becoming more aware of importance of t-shirts designing in fashion industry.

Dry Penis – Winter Weather Tips

For some guys, the end of summer means an increase in sexual activity. It's the time when people tend to cuddle up together for warmth. That could mean that the penis gets more action when it's cold outside than it might ever get when the sun is blazing and the temperature is high. But winter can also be really hard on a man's body, and it's not unusual for dry penis skin to appear when the temperature dips. Thankfully, there are a number of penis care techniques that can help a man to protect what he's packing in his pants as winter drags on.

Keep Hydrated

Staying warm in the winter means staying inside, and most buildings are heated when the temperature drops. Unfortunately, heated air tends to have very little moisture, and if the heat comes with a blower, that current of hot air can actually pull moisture out of a man's skin.

That's why it's so important for all men to drink a lot of fluid in the wintertime. Glasses of water, mugs of tea or even cups of juice can all replenish the moisture that heating elements take away, which can lead to skin that's soft and supple. Penile skin will be able to stretch nicely and deliver pleasurable sensations when the body has enough water.

Choose Natural Fibers

In the summer, a man might let things hang free. But in the winter, he's much more likely to bundle up with layers and layers of clothing. That technique allows him to trap heat close to his body, so he'll stay warm even in cold rooms. But slapping on many layers of clothing can also amount to trapping moisture close to the skin.

Keeping a cloud of moisture close to the skin creates a perfect environment for all sorts of nasty bacteria to grow and thrive. Colonies of bacteria might grow so large that an infection develops, and when that happens, dry penis problems can occur. Inflamed skin can crack, bleed and feel raw until the right medications are used to treat the underlying cause.

Choosing cotton-based underwear can help. Clothing made of cotton is full of tiny holes that allow air and moisture to escape. These pieces of clothing can still keep a guy warm, but they will not let him stay wet. That's a key difference that can help promote a healthy penis.

Stay Safe at Play

If a man truly does have more sexual opportunities in the winter, he should pay attention to his safety. Many sexually transmitted diseases cause all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, including:

– Pain

– Bumps

– Bleeding

– Puss

– Cracked and peeling skin

Men who are getting busy with new partners should be aware of the risks and always protect their members with condoms. Ideally, partners should also be tested for common diseases before they start to swap bodily fluids. While dealing with protection is not romantic, it is an effective way to keep the body safe.

Add Vitamins

Since skin is under assault all winter long, men should provide their skin cells with the tools they need to mount a good defense and repair the damage if an attack does take place. A penis health the crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) Could be an excellent resource. These products are specifically designed to provide the penis with the exact ingredients needed for optimal health. Some vitamins help skin cells to fight off bacteria. Others help to boost blood flow to the area. Still others provide cells with energy. All these ingredients added together mean that the penis has everything it needs to get through the winter with health and style. That's worthwhile for any man.

Catch Your Cheating Husband Using Clothes and Hair

Your husband's clothes can be a fantastic source of information that will tell you a story about his cheating ways. Do not underestimate the power of your nose in helping you track down evidence about his philandering.

Before you start you need to familiarise yourself with the smell of your husband and his clothes. This means randomly smelling pieces of clothes both before and after he has worn them. You also need to learn the smell of his cologne and deodorant. If you are able to recognize all of these smells in an instant it will make it much easier for you to detect those strange odours that will become your evidence.

The most common type of strange odor you will find in your husband's clothing will be perfume or soap and detergent. However, he will also want to take note of other smells like cigarette smoke, pets and food. These smells might find themselves on your husband's clothing from a very innocent situation, but if you can smell them on his underwear then you know he has been somewhere he should not. And yes, this does mean that you will have to smell your husband dirty underwear!

If you happen to find hair on your husband's clothes that most definitely do not belong to you, then you have hit pay dirt. You will find hair almost everywhere that your husband has been, this means that you have to look everywhere that your husband goes. The best places to look for hair are; the bottoms of your husband socks, head rests on his car, hair brushes, your bedclothes, and in the dryer. The great thing about hair is that you do not have to be a forensic scientist to note the difference between yours and someone else's. All you really need is a magnifying glass and some patience, you need to look at the colour and length of the hair, as well as the texture and the ends.

If it is possible, you should try to keep each and every hair in a separate container or envelope. This way you can use them as evidence when you finally do decide to confront your cheating husband.

A Brief History of Streetwear

The term streetwear is common place in today's fashion world. It is used to describe high quality clothing that draws influence from its surroundings. These influences tend to be from "the street" taking in everything that surrounds them, such as graffiti and much like graffiti sometimes express political and social issues of the here and now.

So where and when did streetwear originate? Many people speculate as to the when and how of the styles origins but it is clear that it started at the end of the 1970's and the early 1980's. It was an exciting time with the emergence of punk and what would become hip hop. Both of these musical styles embraced a do-it-yourself ethic brought about by the mainstreams refusal to except them and both styles had strong roots with in the skate and surf scenes.

Influenced by the punk and rap scene whose acts would produce their own records, mix tapes and t-shirts to sell to their fans many surfers and skaters started to follow suit. Often surfers and skaters would produce their own branded boards and t-shirts with their own unique styles. The first of these to make an impact on the scene was Shawn Stussy who placed his tag like signature on his boards and t-shirts. As his cult status as a surfer rose, so did the popularity of his boards and clothing.

Streetwear primarily started in the California surf and skate scene and was originally it was known as skatewear and surfwear depending on what particular scene the clothing came from. With the rise of Stussy others soon began to follow suit and the two styles became more closely interlinked. By the mid 80's more brands had begun to appear and become common place as they spread across the USA. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on.

Japan was the next market to catch on to the streetwear ideal and as always they brought their own unique styles to the table. Japanese designers drew on influences from anime, toys and gadgets as well as their own style of Japanese street art. This in turn influenced streetwear as a whole and the different types of styles and designs were soon adopted worldwide.

By the mid 90's streetwear had firmly established itself within the world market with Europe being the last to catch on. Now it seemed that almost anyone could start a streetwear brand but while many brands such as Volcom, Fly53, Obey, 55dsl and WESC became more popular those lesser brands began to fall by the wayside.

Streetwear was now big business with the high street and designer fashion brands taking on many of the ideas and innovations that the original brands brought to the fashion world. However neither could match the quality and the originality of the independent streetwear companies apart from the newer independent brands like Addict and Supremebeing.

Today streetwear is crossing boundaries moving into different areas of the fashion industry. Sunglasses and bags are becoming evermore present within the style with brands such as Eastpak producing high quality and original bags and Blackflyz making some of the most original shades around.

So what is next for streetwear? While the bright and innovative designs on t-shirts, hoodys and jeans remain prominent many brands are now beginning to cross styles by mixing casual wear with smart wear. This has resulted in brands like MbyM, Volcom and Hurley producing evening wear such as suits and dresses that look smart yet individual.

As time has gone on streetwear has also become more prominent in the female market with more brands like MbyM and Gentle Fawn producing clothes for women where as in the beginning most brands primarily catered for the male market.

Superdry Clothing – Sizes Explained

The problem is that Superdry sizes 'appear to be different' from other brands in the market (I've put that in inverted commas for a reason). That and the internet is plagued of misleading information on this topic. I've decided to sort this out once and for all. Or at least until Superdry change things up again. Superdry is actually very accurately sized. I know you were not expecting to hear that so I will explain why.

The Problem with Standards
There is an international standard for clothing sizes. The International Standards Organization, also known as ISO. They are the governing body for all sorts of standards, including a standard measure for the sizing of clothes. This should, in theory, give us a reference to be able to accurately choose clothes and convert between US, UK, European and other sizes. But it does not. There are problems with the international standards.

Getting too deep into these standards is beyond the scope of this article so I'm going to cut to the chase. There problem comes in two parts; Using letter codes like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and clothing manufacturers taking liberties with the established standards. They are not obliged to conform to the standard so there is not likely to be any change in the future. When compared to other clothing brands, a good rule of thumb is that Superdry clothing is approximately one size smaller. They are sized to fit properly but as most other clothing manufacturers are getting more and more generous with their sizing, it's better to go for one size bigger in Superdry clothes. For example, if you are usually a medium then you buy a large in Superdry.

Superdry Size Chart
Superdry clothing complies with the international standards; the problem is that other clothing companies do not. Superdry also use letter codes, so there must be a look up table to convert a size from Small, to chest size or women's dress size. If you've looked on their website you would have noticed that there is not such a helpful table anywhere to be found. I've developed a Superdry size chart.

Men's Superdry Clothing Size Chart

Sizes are chest sizes, measured in inches.

Extra Small = 36 "
Small = 38 "
Medium = 40 "
Large = 42 "
Extra Large = 44 "
Extra Extra Large = 46 "

Men's waist sizes are pretty straight forward. They are all in inches, the standard measure so you should not have any problems selecting your size.

Women's Superdry Size Chart
The UK and US dress sizes are matched to the ISO standards and might not necessarily match up to the size you would normally buy in other clothing brands. It is intended that you go by the actual measurements (in inches).

Extra Small = UK Size 8 / US Size 4 = Bust 34 ", Waist 25.5", Hip 36.5 "
Small = UK Size 10 / US Size 6 = Bust 34 ", Waist 26.5", Hip 37.5 "
Medium = UK Size 12 / US Size 8 = Bust 35 ", Waist 27.5", Hip 38.5 "
Large = UK Size 14 / US Size 10 = Bust 36 ", Waist 28.5", Hip 39.5 "

Buying Superdry Clothing
Probably the best advice I can give you is try before you buy but what if you do not have a store near you? Is this case you are left with the only option, to shop online where you can not try the item on before you buy it. There are exceptions however. Some stores, like Nucleus, offer free return postage on internet orders so in effect you can try the stuff on and send it back if it does not fit. It's a slight hassle getting to the post office but at least it will not cost you anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Sexy Clothes to Work

What clothes must you choose when going to work? Albeit the lack of dress code, even if you can go in the premises of your work building casually, it should be thought about what clothes to wear and what not.

As of the 21st century free thinking and individualism is highly encourage, however there are certain restrictions in office wardrobe that one should abide. If you stand for a formal company, then your attire must be suitable. How about controversial garments at the office? When you need to show your femininity or your masculinity in your fashion style, will you stop or will you go?

Sexy outfits draw attention. Is it not that the purpose of such clothing? If you stride into your office clad in a skimpy little skirt and bold garments alike, surely you will be on the spotlight. People in general delight in hearing nice things about them and an expose cleavage can definitely let you be showered with praises yet there are times when you might have placed yourself in jeopardy by donning up way too aggressively.
But you must learn your own rights and whatever clothes you wear it is never an excuse for someone else to sexually harass you. It is highly essential to put your appearance into great consideration, especially if you have to talk to clients most of the time. When you are working, you must embody the ideals of the company you work for, not your personal perspective.

But we are not robots and it is only humane for us to crave to be unique. There is no company that prohibits wearing of sexy outfits so long as your presence does not ever bother your colleagues and clients. You can showcase your femininity or masculinity sans donning up provocative outfits. By just simply accessorizing and styling up to accentuate the natural assets of your body, you can achieve more praises compared to wearing an unfastened shirt or killer heels. So long that you maintain a balance in your style between very exciting and very dull, you should be great.

Your fashion sense and the clothes you wear do not make you who you are, but we get judged by our clothes and style in real life. There are numerous surveys claiming that when people do not dress appropriately for their line of work, others conclude that most likely they do not carry on their duties sincerely. Perhaps these findings are just slightly overstated, yet there is another general notion among company employees.

If one wears too sexy outfits, it can mean that this girl or guy wants to find someone to have relations with. And this act is usually deemed inappropriate an even unethical in the workplace. Albeit a female or a male with sexy clothes and actions is believed to be promoted quickly, truth be told, the opposite actually happens. If you fail to embody professionalism in your looks, people will not consider you a professional.

7 Commonest Office Chair Annoyances – Tips For Resolving Them

Sometimes little things on an office chair are really annoying and they can drive you nuts trying to solve them. In this article I look at the top 7 annoyances and how to easily fix them.

Chair Keeps Sinking

Office chairs sink for 2 reasons, first because the pneumatic lift is worn out and is no longer able to carry any weight. When this happens the only answer is to replace the faulty lift and you need to contact the chair supplier to get a replacement.

The second reason this happens is usually because the height adjustment lever is damaged or out of alignment as a result what happens is the gas lift is permanently set to release any weight applied and so forces it to sink.

Turn your chair over and see if the lever is misaligned, sometimes all it needs is for the lever to be pressed back into position.

If the chair is a number of years old you may be faced with having to replace it where parts are not available or the overall condition of the chair is poor.

Squeaking Office Chair

When your office chair squeaks it can be really frustrating, especially when you can not work out why it's doing it.

Squeaks and creaks commonly have 2 sources, first any metal to metal contact typically where the back attaches to the chair seat. If this is the case try exposing the moving parts and coat those with a light spray of WD40 be careful not to get any on the chair's upholstery.

The other common cause is loose fixings securing either the back or the mechanism to the seat, look for any large fixings and tighten them all up. Some of these may be concealed and not readily accessible with the risk of damage attempting to remove covers, so take care when trying to take them off.

Loose Gas Lift Post

This most commonly affects new chairs, when you pick up the chair to move it the top falls away from the bottom.

The gas lift post is made to wedge into the base or chair seat, if it's come out, wipe off any oil or grease place it back together and sit down heavily in your chair and this should jam them together properly.

Static Shocks Getting Out of Chair

Static electricity shocks are unpleasant and can be quite difficult to resolve as they sometimes originate from your chair's upholstery, clothing and more frequently from your office carpet.

Air conditioning can make things worse as it dries the air and increases the build up of static and the chance of getting a shock.

A portable humidifier can help reduce static as the moisture released lowers the likelihood of static building up. Some clothes are also more likely to create static problems, so see if a change of outfit helps.

If all else fails try gripping a metal part of your desk or chair before you get up and continue holding onto it before moving, this can ground the electrical charge.

Office Chair Height Setting Issues

Most office chairs are made to fit the average person which generally means people between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 foot.

However, people either side of these heights often find the seat's height does not work for them. Tall people end up with their legs pointing uncomfortably upwards whereas small built people discover their feet can not be placed firmly on the floor.

Neither is desirable often all thats required is to replace the gas lift with a higher or lower version, so speak with the chair supplier and ask if they offer different lift options.

A foot rest is another alternative for smaller built individuals.

Office Chair Back No Longer Reclines

When you have an office chair where the back has stopped reclining it's highly likely the back has been accidentally set to the locked position. A lot of chair backs are designed to move back and forward as you move and also include a function letting you lock the back in a pre-set position.

If you are having this problem it's highly likely the chair back has been set locked. To release it try moving the control levers on the chair's underside, you may need to lean back slightly to apply some weight before the locked position can be released.

Chair Back Will not Stop Reclining All the Time

There are 2 possible problems here, first if the back does not move and is leaning back significantly it's likely the back is locked off at full recline so just follow the suggestions in the previous topic to release it.

The other situation happens when leaning back in you chair it just seems to fall away immediately with little or no resistance. This could be the result of a faulty mechanism, however it may also be because the chair's tension adjustment is not correctly set up.

Look under the chair for a round knob at the middle of the front, try turning this clockwise and increase the tension of the back this will help stiffen resistance when you recline.


This covers the commonest problems found on office chairs and hopefully helped fix a problem. Where a chair is a number of years old or low quality you may have little option other than accepting replacing it is the best course of action.